Where no CPU has gone before

Peter Steinbach, September 13, 2018, Dresden, Germany


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These slides are open-source:

Deep Learning in bits and pieces

Typical cnn

Heavy-Lifting inside CNNs

3D Convolution Animation

Matrix multiplication diagram 2


Matrix Operations

A closer look

  • Convolutions
    \(y_i = \sum_{n = 0}^{N_k} x_{i+/-n}*k_{i+/-n} \)

  • Matrix Operations
    \(AB=Y, y_{ij} = \sum_{k} a_{ik} * b_{kj} \)

  • Common?
    Dot Product Structure!

Where do CPUs come from ?

wing commander

Low Latency Matters Most

GPUs for Deep Learning 1/2

gpu cpu dichotomy

GPUs for Deep Learning 2/2

high throughput smx

Latency Hiding

The rest is history

image classification 006 x600

Consequences on the market

nvidia stock

Nvidia’s stock pricing in the last years



Benchmarks …​ What for?

  • Executive to decide what to buy new hardware

  • Developer to compare framework performance

  • User wanting to e.g. classify images (fast/slow?)

fair benchmarks

  • (deep learning) applications try to solve a problem

  • model written in a particular software framework

  • running on particular hardware for training and/or inference

Fix at least 2 of 3 from above!


  • open-source and community driven

  • key requirement: reach fixed accuracy for training for fixed dataset

data from 1 run only
submitter can choose model implementation
data inconsistent (K80 cloud-only, P100 bare-only)


  • open-source and community driven

  • industry support (AMD, Google, Intel, …​)

  • goal: SPEC benchmark for Deep Learning

data = best of 5 runs


  • usable benchmark with clear semver support

  • model code is fixed

  • ResNet (v1, v2), CARE Denoising network

  • Keras+TensorFlow or just TensorFlow

  • single and multi-gpu training (distributed planned)

  • data will be open-sourced once I find a sponsor

Deeprace Results


  • local cluster: Taurus at Technical University Dresden

    • single GPU node:

      • Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3 12c

      • 64GB RAM

      • 4x Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU

  • local servers (Nvidia Titan Xp, Nvidia Tesla P100)

Using ResNet on CIFAR10

deeprace full single


deeprace full vs singularity

Short runs only

deeprace short runtimes

single-GPU training

deeprace short hw


deeprace short runtimes vs cloud

GCE, single K80 instance, 1vCPU, 6GB RAM, 10GB disk

framework differences?

deeprace frameworks

multi-GPU training

deeprace short multi gpu compared


  • deep learning requires a lot of parallel compute power

  • GPUs et al are indispensible tools

  • hardware/framework landscape diverse

  • solid benchmarks save time & money

Where No Hardware can go